Bay area native Eileen Lei's love of makeup artistry is rooted by her passion for painting and storytelling. Fueled by the cultural diversity of her environment, Eileen's world, through her paintbrush, was shaped by traditions and colors. Her early stages gave her a creative vision that now encompasses art, beauty and fashion. Relocating to New York to expand on her creative desires, Eileen contributed her insight, love of color and makeup techniques to clients in print campaigns, editorial features, video shoots, and has participated backstage at Fashion Week. Shortly after, Eileen was offered to be the national make up artist for Dior. Traveling for Dior and leading make up artistry events and masterclasses, Eileen believes in celebrating the many characters of femininity with just a touch of color. Eileen’s experience is a fusion of artistic creativity and the belief that beauty is embracing your own uniqueness.